I will praise the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.
(Psalm 34:1)

I'm a missionary, one of those crazy "fools for God" who goes into the world to preach the Gospel and make real friends with the poor. I'm no one special in the eyes of the world. I'm just me, the girl God decided would be enough.

Francis 2

Seeing Pope Francis

When my team found out we would be coming to the Philippines this year, we were doubly blessed to hear that on our first day in the Philippines Pope Francis would also arrive for a pastoral visit. How amazing is it that from our first day on foreign soil, our ministry would be blessed by the Pope! Today we joined the throngs…


Miracles at Holy Cross

Happy Thanksgiving! This week, the single missionaries are on mission in Allende, Mexico. I’ve been so blessed by the excitement and generosity of the people who have received us with open arms. The whole trip has been amazing, but I’d like to share with you a glory story from Tuesday night. The group did a three-day “conference” in the neighborhood chapels of…


Doña Elvarita

The first time I met Doña Elvarita in January, she said to us missionaries, “I don’t have anything to give you except my joy, so I give all of my joy to you.” This beautiful woman has become one of my regular home visits here in General Cepeda. Every Monday morning I visit her at her home, and I believe…



I’d like you to meet Lupita, a very special girl from Mogote, one of the ranchos we visit frequently. I first met Lupita back in November, and she was extremely shy and never spoke to anyone, except to her mother, and then only in a whisper. But this beautiful girl has a heart of gold, and she has changed my…